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    I am the great grandson of Don Tomás Estrada-Palma, the first President of Cuba (1902-1906). Pictures taken on May 20, 2006 in Central Valley, NY where my great grandfather departed to take office as the president of Cuba.*SEE ECONOMIC PLAN BELOW WHAT IS BEST FOR CUBA?


    At 3:47 PM, Blogger Larry Daley said...


    One of the problems of "vacant" land in Cuba is that it needs to be kept in forest to maintain climate.



    At 4:01 PM, Blogger Larry Daley said...

    Please accept my apologies for the actions of "Tio" Carlos Garcia Velez set in motion in 1906, but then he was in jail

    Not so sure there is any "vacant" land in Cuba, since to remedy climate changes especially those of the last almost fifty years massive reforestation is required e.g.

    As to the house issue I think it is a false one, nobody over here wants the old collapsing houses that most people live. In my opinion this is an attempt at getting a Nicaraguan style pi~nata where the present mayimbe get to keep the best houses e.g. those in Miramar.

    Our house in Havana, on Concordia Street must have collapsed by now. Our house "la Casa de los Generales" in Entre Rios, between the Bayamo and the Guama Rivers is under the waters of the Corojo Dam.

    Larry Daley (Garcia-I~niguez Enamorado)


    my academic publications can be found at


    BTW you might drop by Narrations of War in Cuba
    some of which can be accessed at:


    and hopefully will soon be published

    At 9:06 PM, Blogger killcastro said...

    An economic boom in a free Cuba can be brought about by the Hong Kong business model. Loosely based in Marx's theories (yeah yeah yeah .. I know, you are poo-pooing this but I bet YOU have NOT read Marx and if you HAVE, you read the LENINIST version which is just an excuse to a communist dictatorship)

    The Hong Kong prosperity comes from simple precepts
    1) No foreigner can own LAND
    2) Land can NOT be bought or sold it belongs to the people
    3) All business are responsible for FULL productivity of the land they lease from the people of Hong Kong (Notice is NOT the government of Hong Kong but the PEOPLE of Hong Kong)
    4) Business must maintain a specific productivity, provide specific benefits , minimum salaries etc depending on their original business plans.
    5) Business rules and regulations in Hong Kong are SIMPLE. Do not break the law and do not damage the environment. Everything else is a VALID business as LONG as it benefits the people of Hong Kong.
    5) In turn Hong Kong business taxes are almost NIL because the government doesn’t get involved in citizens welfare , the money goes directly from employer to employee.
    It is a known fact that 70% of all taxes directed to public welfare wind up being spent on the bureaucratic machinery to administer those programs. So let the Employers provide the social benefits and 70% of the wasted money is split between the employer and the employee (NICE DEAL)
    The downfall of Cuba and the ease that KaSStro walked into power was simply the populist appeal. The thousands of hectares of latifundists lands sitting there doing NOTHING was a PERFECT political platform. Not that the Guajiros wanted the land, in fact most of the campesinos did NOT want a Reforma Agraria, as a lot of them used to say . “And now what ? … what do I know about growing and selling corn ?
    Millions of campesinos begged their old bosses to take the land back . It was a lot easier to depend on a monthly check than to worry about what to grow next or having a poor harvest. BUT.. POPULIST politics DEPEND on the poor education of the populous!
    The Hong Kong model is SO successful that IT is the SOLE reason of the Chinese economic boom ..!
    When Great Britain passed control of the Island to Mainland China , there was one provision .. DO NOT TOUCH THE ECONOMIC MODEL!
    Within months the new territories (Those that bordered with China ) where being engulfed by new industries and the border had to be moved back , two months later and the border had to be moved back again until the point came that the Chinese said “ Hell why fight a winning formula”
    A FREE Cuba should have the same FREEDOM of commerce, respect the laws , the environment and commit yourself to taking GOOD care of your employees (That sometimes includes , health facilities and schools WITHIN the bigger businesses)
    Splite the island if you wish , make the south coast the Las Vegas of Latin America, the north coast an industrial mecca . Cuba’s geographic position is IDEAL as an informational gateway to the rest of Latin America. Make Cuba a digital information hub. Make Cuba a Freeport. Be creative, be bold. Dare do things that others countries can not because inherited archaic laws and corrupt governments. See Cuba SHINE and make the rest of the Caribbean and Central America look like Haiti!

    At 10:56 PM, Blogger Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

    I mean kill castro makes excellect points about the function of government.


    At 1:22 PM, Blogger Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

    The statement that there is no vacant land in Cuba is of course not correct. The vast majority of land is vacant. As for housing what is the alternative? What I propose is setting up a win win situation that does not depend on humans not existing and therefore occupying some part of the planet. Cuba has lots of land and we have capital. Lets mix to two and benefit both.

    Islanders will have jobs to earn wealth by building housing - which they can use to fix or replace their housing. With the land "LOCATION" tax the closer in the higher the tax. This make urban land hoarding unprofitable and forces this city land to be used to maximum efficiency. Naturally this removes pressure to build outward and pay for more infrastructure like roads, electric, water and sewer, etc.

    Read "Progress and Poverty" by Henry George and you will be a believer - I promise!

    At 7:50 PM, Blogger CUBA said...

    Wednesday, December 27, 2006


    Castro, is apparently on the death bed, and some expect his early demise.
    However, what matters most is what follows after this controversial person expires.

    Fidel represented an omen of economic malaise with his never ending attacks on the might capitalistic Yankees up north. Castro’s firm belief in the defunct Communist economic model of prosperity was a warning in disguise, that is, that those planners of today’s world dominion of economic activities by any means including the new G-d being forced upon the world, and known as Capitalism “Global Economy” is in effect that man of La Mancha’s failed quest of the impossible dream coming anew upon the world’s scene.
    Economy is important, however, Cuba suffers from other basic problems which need urgent correction as Castro leaves the Cuban political scene. Cuba indisputably was originally established, and all Cuba’s foundations are based upon the Caucasian Conquistador’s foundations of the Cuban Plazas. These wonderful European Conquistadors established the Cuban original Cuban society when the Plaza’s were established. Today, the world witness, like Latin America suffers from the same dilemma, of drifting away temporarily from their authentic racial beginnings, the Cuban Caucasian society.

    Remember, the Conquistadors who established all the Plazas’ throughout Latin America were solely European Caucasians. The Conquistadors’ founded all the Spanish settlements in the New World, who left their descendants, heritage, culture, Spanish language, and customs and are still alive today.

    No economic or political changes in the coming near future of Cuba will matter, until the racial underling Caucasian foundations are restored to the Cuba society. Failure here is sure termination of all that which represents those Cuban historical foundations of unity, spirit, racial and prosperous future. VIVA CUBA!


    At 10:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


    At 9:24 AM, Blogger Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

    Racial make up is so unimportant to me. DNA wise we are all basically the same. It is simply a problem of the strong exploiting the weak.

    At 6:40 PM, Blogger Laz said...


    I found your blog in "Todo el mundo habla" and it's look very interesting.

    At 7:08 AM, Blogger Blogosfera de Cuba said...

    Citación de reunión de todos los bloggeros Cubanos
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    At 10:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    En 1959, con el apoyo de los Estados Unidos, Castro interrumpió una sucesión de gobiernos corruptos y se quedó en el poder, contra viento y marea.
    curioso, no
    la vida te da sorpresas

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    I think the best course of action for Cuba is to be annexed to the U.S. Looking at the republican history of Cuba, we can observe a popular complaisance with caudillos, another name for a dictator, culminating with 55 years of Castroism and counting. I believe this is not political but cultural. U.S. tutelage under annexation or commonwealth would be most convenient.


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