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  • Cuban Economic Reform

    I am the great grandson of Don Tomás Estrada-Palma, the first President of Cuba (1902-1906). Pictures taken on May 20, 2006 in Central Valley, NY where my great grandfather departed to take office as the president of Cuba.*SEE ECONOMIC PLAN BELOW WHAT IS BEST FOR CUBA?



    Cubans on the island should be allowed to stay in their homes.

    Exiles should be compensated for their seized property with government held land appropriate for development.

    Much of Cuba is unused. Labor and capital should not be taxed at all but government should be paid for by a land fee based on the location value. The more urban and desired the higher the fee.

    Houses themselves should be untaxed. This will make Cuba the richest country in the world!

    My family has owned land in Cuba since it was given to us by Queen Isabella but today other Cubans live there. They can stay there and here is why. It is where they are comfortable even though, the ranch house outside of Bayamo for example, is run down and in need of repair. No for my needs it makes more sense for me and the other exiles to be granted enough of the unused land to serve our needs. Some exiles lost lots, especially businessmen. Luring these entrepreneurs back will be necessary to fuel Cuba’s growth into the 21st Century. Besides just returning businesses to the owners they should get tax relief commensurate with their loss. Do this and investment will roar into Cuba lifting everyone’s existence.

    But my wife and I are getting up there. I’m 52. All I’d like is a little house and garden somewhere in Cuba where maybe we could retire. So if I were given a piece of land big enough to suffice, I’ll bring in the money to build this modest house.

    Who will build this and 100,000’s of other houses? People like those very same Cubans living on the ranch. They are going to have high paying construction jobs for years until the economy transforms itself completely into the hottest tourist mecca and investment location on the planet! In reality, it’s smarter to build it the way I like it, rather than to try to change the old housing. Let the island Cubans do that with their new earned wealth. Cubans will work an honest day’s work free of income tax, have ample benefits like healthcare and retirement and finally live in the wealthy, peaceful nation they have dreamed about.

    The average Cuban will only pay his land location tax. That’s it! No income tax, no sales tax, no import or export tax, no tax on savings, no tax on investments or any necessary thing like housing. There will be a tax on gambling and other forms of strictly regulated vice but the average Cuban will be able to pay his land fee with but a half day’s wages per month. Of course if you want that block of downtown Havana it’s going to cost you plenty. But that will keep land speculators from hoarding land for profit.

    Always remember the math

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    CAPITAL is but excess labor
    saved up to make even


    Therefore we need to


    In Cuba and stop this